Sister City History

The Beginning

In 1990, along with the flourishing of international exchange, Kawachinagano City, in order to define its assumed duty and task in the international community, decided on the "Kawachinagano City Internationalization Policy Plan." A full-fledged International Promotion Project was begun. Amongst this activity, a proposal to form sister cities came from Carmel, Indiana, who's Junior High and High School had a long sister school relationship with Seikyo Gakuen, located in Kawachinagano City.


Also, in 1992, in order to spread international exchange among its citizens, the Kawachinagano International Friendship Association (KIFA) was established. With it the start of international exchange activities began in Kawachinagano. In the same year, due to its similarities in such areas as blessed environment, abundant nature, and educational interests, Kawachinagano confirmed its desire to form a sister city partnership with Carmel, Indiana.

Sister City Agreement

In 1993 Kawachinagano City sent its Friendship City Research Group to Carmel, Indiana. Based on the results of their findings, it was decided that Carmel would be Kawachinagano's sister city . In the following year, April 8, 1994, the signing of the sister city agreement was held at Lovely Hall. The next day, Carmel Sister Cities Inc. and KIFA drew up an agreement regarding future sister city activities.

International Exchange Activities

After the sister city agreement was made, both Carmel and Kawachinagano have had repeated exchanges and have sent delegate and visiting groups to each other's city. On July 20-21, 1996 the "Sister City Fair" was held in front of Kawachinagano City Hall in order to inform its citizens more about their sister city, Carmel, Indiana, U.S.A. With over 5,000 people participating in the Sister City Fair, and through various events and activities, the citizens of Kawachinagano gained a deeper understanding of Carmel, Indiana Since then, Kawachinagano and KIFA have continued various kinds of activities with Carmel to include: exchange projects between Police and Fire Department personnel; student/children picture exchange; piano concert; and participation in an Art Festival.

Sister City Time Line

July 1988 Seikyo Gakuen Junior High School and Carmel Junior High School become sister schools.
Feb. 1990 Establishment of the Kawachinagano City Internationalization Plan
Feb. 1991 Carmel City announces interest in becoming a sister city with Kawachinagano
March 1991 Seikyo Gakuen High School and Carmel High School become sister schools
March 1991 Kawachinagano City International Friendship Fund Established
March 1991 Kawachinagano City decides its sister city should be in an English-speaking country
Feb. 1992 Kawachinagano International Friendship Association Established
July 1992 Kawachinagano City confirms Carmel City's interest in becoming sister cities
May 1993 A research group comprised of Kawachinagano citizens and city officials visits Carmel. Declaration of commitment to a sister city relationship is signed
Jan. 1994 A decision is made to sign a sister city agreement in Kawachinagano on April 8th, 1994
April 1994 A final resolution to enter a sister city agreement is made by the Carmel City Council
April 8, 1994 Carmel City and Kawachinagano City sign the sister city agreement. Carmel City designates April 8th as "Kawachinagano Day"
April 9, 1994 Carmel Sister Cities Inc. and Kawachinagano International Friendship Association issue proposals regarding future sister city exchange
July 21, 1994 Carmel junior and senior high school students visiting Seikyo Gakuen participate in a bus tour to Osaka Aquarium with Kawachinagano citizens
Dec 1994 Paintings by elementary school (140) and kindergarten (30) students from Kawachinagano are sent to Carmel for exhibition.
Jan. 1995 90 paintings by Carmel elementary students are exhibited in Kawachinagano
July 12-17, 1995 The first official delegation from Kawachinagano visits Carmel for the first time, including 8 junior high students, 4 high school students, and 6 adults.
July 20-21 1996 A Sister City Fair is held in Kawachinagano
March 23-31 1998 A second citizens/goodwill group from Kawachinagano visits Carmel
July 20, 1998 A second bus tour to Osaka Aquarium is held, with Kawachinagano citizens and Carmel junior and senior high school students visiting Seikyo Gakuen
Oct. 25-30, 1998 A group of eight Kawachinagano International Friendship Association members participate in Carmel's International Art Festival, giving performances of the Koto (Japanese harp), Shakuhachi (Japanese flute) and Japanese tea ceremony (the third citizens/goodwill group visit Carmel)
Feb. 21, 1999 On invitation of Carmel Sister Cities Inc., two Japanese American pianists from the American Pianist Association give their Japanese debut concert
June 6, 1999

838 pictures by Kawachinagano kindergarten, elementary, junior high, and high school students are sent to Carmel for exhibition

Sept. 24-30, 1999 The fourth citizens/goodwill group from Kawachinagano visits Carmel, to celebrate five years of sister city relations and to participate in the 2nd annual Carmel International Art Festival. Three Japanese dance artists and one traditional paper plane expert are included amongst the 11 group members