Scenic Spots

The selection of eight new official


picturesque locations in Kawachinagano

In 1954 the first "Eight Scenic Treasures of Kawachinagano" were selected. Recently, it was decided that was once again, the eight most beautiful places in Kawachinagano should be chosen. First the opinions of the citizens of Kawachinagano were asked, then later a selection committee reached the final decision on eight new picturesque locations and two new scenic spots.

picturesque locations in Kawachinagano

1:The Mandarin Ducks of Takihata Dam 2:The Miscanthus on the summit of Mt. Iwawaki
3:The autumn maples of Emmeiji Temple 4:The main hall of Kanshinji Temple
5:The evening cherry blossoms of Nagano Park 6:The evergreen forest of Eboshigata Castle ruins
7:The natural beauty of Teragaike Park 8:The autumn moon as seen from Amanosan Kongoji Temple


Two New Scenic Spots

1: Nandina domestica (sacred bamboo) of Amami  2: The 48 waterfalls of Takihata