In 1997 to 1998 a campaign was held by the city to search for a character symbol for Kawachinagano. Chosen from among the 349 designs and 535 names submitted by its citizens, “Mockle” became the character symbol for Kawachinagano.
Mockle is meant to be a symbol that personifies the city’s official tree (Kusonki or Camphor Tree) and the abundance of natural green resources. Wearing an affectionate, lively expression, Mockle continually aims to communicate with its citizens. (Day of Commitment, Oct.3, 1997)

Mockle’s name is coined from the Japanese word for tree “Moku”, which symbolizes the city’s abundant nature, and the “Circle” of friendship he creates with the City’s motto of "People, Community, a place for dreams of nature".

(Day of Commitment, May 1, 1998)


Mok - u and Cir - cle = Mockle


Always wearing a smile, full of charm

Cheerful, bursting with energy

A gentle heart, overflowing with consideration

for others

Full of curiosity, rich in creativity

Close friends with trees and flowers