Citizens' Charter

Kawachinagano Citizens' Charter


Established on Nov. 3,1967


Surrounded by the Kongo, Katsuragi, and Iwawaki mountain ranges, lies the charming city of Kawachinagano. With its invaluable cultural assets still telling of its rich history, Kawachinagano is not only a city with clear, crystal mountains and rivers, but also a town with a spirit of resolve and enterprise. A sturdy, vigorous city, constantly planning for its future.


With one accord, we the citizens of Kawachinagano, who take pride in our city, promise to strive to make our city a clean and beautiful place to live for all. We do so proclaim this promise, in our citizens charter.

Let us love the natural wonders with which we have been blessed.

Let us learn from the cultural treasures that we have inherited.

Let us respect the value of production.

Let us plan and build together for future generations.

Let us always remember the importance of relations with other people.