Annual Events





January 9-11

Toka Ebisu (festival held on the 10th in honor of Ebisu, the god of wealth)

Nagano Shrine

Many worshippers visit this shrine to pray for prosperity for their businesses.

Early April

Flower viewing

Nagano Park

Kanshinji Temple

Kongoji Temple

The park and temples here are noted for their cherry blossoms.

Early April

Trout fishing at Kobuka-no-sato


Unrestricted trout fishing in the mountain streams

1st Sunday in April

Kencha festival

Kanshinji Temple

Emperor Gomurakami Kencha festival (festival commemorating the tea ceremony attended by the Emperor Gomurakami (1339-1383).

April 17 - 18

Honzon Gokaicho (exhibition of the Buddhist temples artwork)

Kanshinji Temple

Visitors see a special exhibition of Buddhist images which have been designated as national treasures

April 21st


Kongoji Temple

Memorial Service for the great priest Kobo Daishi (crowds of visitiors are expected for the chigo (parade of costumed children), and for the rice-cake scattering event.)

May 5th

Aoba festival

Emmeiji Temple

Festival celebrating the birth of the great priest Kobo Daishi

Around May 25th

Nanko memorial festival

Kanshinji Temple

Memorial service for Masashige Kusunoki (With a poetry recitation event that draws a crowd.)

Early May

Citizens Festival

Kawachinagano City

A concert, stalls, free market etc.

September, Saturday before full moon

Moon viewing festival

Kongoji Temple

An open-air tea ceremony, Japanese music, recitation of Chinese poetry etc.

Early October

Nishidai Kagura (sacred shinto music and dance)

Nishidai Shrine

Sacred shinto music and dances, typical if the Ise kagura style.

Early October

Autumn festival

Shrines in the city

The whole city is filled with many danjiri (festival band floats)

Early October

Hino Lion Dance

Tako Shrine

Traditional shishimai (Lion dance), which has been held in the Hino area for several hundred years.

Mid October

Taimatsutate shinji (Shinto festival which uses taimatsu (lit torches)

Nagano Shrine

Festival in which a huge, burniing torch (1 meter in diameter) is used.

2nd Monday in October

Umakake shinji (horse running)

Sumiyoshi shrine

Bareback horse race

Early to mid-November

Momiji (Japanese maple) festival

Kanshinji, Emmeiji, and Kongoji Temples

Many temples are noted for their beautiful Japanese maples, which turn red in autumn.

Early October to late December

Photography contest

Many scenic areas in the city

Photography contest, with the theme of, "Four seasons and festivals of Kawachinagano City."